Romanthony in NY on Saturday: GO

Saturday, January 17, 2009 at 10:00pm
LOVE (179 MacDougal st @ w. 8th)
New York, NY

So if you’re in NY and you’re not going to this, you suck. I will be in the building

If you’re not up on Romanthony, this is why you need to go to this:



  1. deej says:

    haha i remember putting u on to this!! hey check out the shrimp track i posted here dude, no ones commented or linked or whatever & i cant figure out why — woulda saved this for aim but you werent on

  2. […] been so damn busy lately, so I’m taking this opportunity to go see one of my favorite artists Romanthony up in NY with Pink Skull and Hug Mode. Stop by Love and say hi. I will be the best dressed bearded […]

  3. Danizm says:

    yo i remember playin this back in 99, it still gives me goosebumps.. also used to play bring u up!.
    ur makin me wanna dig it out again u bastard!! haha.. peace always..

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