DJ Class ft Lil’ Jon “I’m the Ish” (Remix)

I’ve already had my salty little diatribe chastising the Clear Channelization of Philly radio that keeps the same 20 songs in rotation on Philly radio for 6 months and subsequently prevents the radio DJs of this city really help develop a healthy local/regional scene, so I’ll spare you those thoughts and just bask in the glory that is this song. DJ Class’s OG “I’m the Shit” was so dope that JD and Traysongz hopped on the beat to drop verses having no idea who the hell it was, and this track was just recently scooped by a major (Universal, I believe). And, of course, what better way to christen a new remix than to invite Lil Jon to get up on it and ride that beat. If you’re familiar with Bmore at all, you know damn well that besides the Lyn Collin’s “Think” break, Lil Jon “What” and “Yeah” samples are standard fare in what is known in Bmore simply as “Club music.” This represents the first time Lil Jon actually makes a non-sampled appearance on a Club song, and that’s a momentous occasion as far as I’m concerned.

Here’s to hoping this track blows on a major, major scale and helps make Bmore Club a household name.

DJ Class ft Lil Jon “I’m the Shit” (Remix) (320)



  1. Haha
    Jon on a track that isn’t sampled. You think he knows he is all over the b’more scene?

  2. […] Crossfaded Bacon points out, this song is the first time Lil Jon has ever actually appeared on a Bmore club track […]

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