Axwell “I Found You” / Pase Rock “Get Money Kids” (Emynd Blend)


Axwell “I Found You” / Pase Rock “Get Money Kids” (Emynd Blend)

Emynd’s Lunch Break Beats is a series of club-friendly blends, edits, or beats Emynd produced on his laptop (usually while sitting in his car on some random side street in Wilmington, D-ware just after eating his WaWa lunch) while on his lunch break at his 9 to 5.

The whole series can be found here.

My obsession with cheesy Swedish house continues… but I don’t give an eff what anyone says, the piano loop and breakbeat on “I Found You” is some of the most soulful ish I’ve ever heard. That ish is so hard, man. So yeah, I basically looped up the beginning of “I Found You” and made a Hip-House song out of this with Pase Rock’s “Get Money Kids” ‘pella. Already played this out a couple times and it’s worked really well. The build ups and break downs work really well and build a lot of energy. This is one of the better blends I’ve done recently. BANG IT! And leave some thoughts in the comments section if you feel inclined to do so.

Axwell “I Found You” / Pase Rock “Get Money Kids” (Emynd Blend)(320 kps):
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  1. sgt.risk says:

    nice one! the piano is a killer. more feedback after i played it out..

  2. SergDun says:

    when is this shit going to stop?

  3. Larre says:

    Great track! Been playing Pase Rocks “I’m ready” for so long, maybe this can replace it as a staple in my sets!

  4. CEDiSM says:


  5. Tuco says:

    Yes! I play the original out all time… no qualms about that!

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