Emynd featuring Young Chris “We Don’t Give A…” The Remixes Digital EP

Emynd Featuring Young Chris
“We Don’t Give A …”
The Remixes Digital EP

The long awaited Remix EP for Emynd’s Bmore Club/Philly Party Music Rap anthem “We Don’t Give A…” (original release here) with Rocafella/DefJam recording artist Young Chris is finally here and Crossfaded Bacon is releasing these tracks to you all for FREE, FREE, FREE! We recruited some of our favorite producers to submit remixes and we’re really happy with all of them. DJ Eli/Eli Escobar‘s excellent remix is on some updated-early 90s Native Tongue steez with blasting horns and a frenetic drum break while Cousin Cole‘s remix is equally as soulful with everyone’s favorite Sly and the Family Stone horn sample leading the charge on top of some excellent drum work. Likewise, DJ Ayres and the Nadastrom fellas give the song a complete overhaul (twice!) for two separate jukin’ remixes that differ slightly but significantly. Each of the remixes gives the track a whole new feel and we’ve played all of them out to excellent reactions in the club.

Download the Zip file below for the original and the remixes, or get each individual remix seperately. Whatever the case, thanks for the support and feel free to hit us with your comments!

Shouts out to Newt, Shareef, and Mark for help making this song happen and Steady B for the cover art inspiration!

Emynd Featuring Young Chris
“We Don’t Give A …”
The Remixes Digital EP

The Remixes Digital EP (320 RAR File)
1. Original (320 Kps)
2. Radio
3. DJ Eli (aka Eli Escobar) Remix
4. Cousin Cole Remix
5. DJ Ayres & Nadastrom Remix 1
6. DJ Ayres & Nadastrom Remix 2



  1. Dj Illo says:

    Wow! Good looking out for this, this is not supposed to be this good-and free!

  2. Sabbo says:

    Acapella ???

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