Emynd Playing Rap Music in LA

I played a really fun party in LA this past weekend playing a really wide variety of shit (as usual) from Bmore to mainstream House to Dirty South classics. A fairly good 5 minute portion of my rap set was captured on da youtube machine for posterity as well as 2 minutes of Club (and embarassing behind-the-tables dancing by yours truly). Oh well.

Sound quality is surprisingly good. Dark as fuck up in there but it was jumping. Big up to THEE MIKE B and them for hosting the young bol at their banging downtown party MORE ON THE FLOOR!


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  1. Loco says:

    Ey Emynd!

    My boy Foniks did a little diddy on my blog about this night and I really appreciate the comments you posted prior. I was fortunate enough to catch you at that Face Down Ass Up afterhours in SF a few months back (thanks to Serg!). I was wildin’ out even though it prolly coulda been a bit louder… Anyways, big ups! Club91 and GoldSweat are HUGE fans of your music (Bo Bliz too!) and can’t wait for more!


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