Jimi Hendrix + Foxy Brown = Foxy Lady

I don’t think this ever made its way onto anything official so I ripped it from a Killer Kuts 12″ I have. It’s a really fucking dope track. Foxy does her thing on it and Just Blaze (I think) kills the beat. Usually super obvious samples like this don’t work well, but this shit totally knocks. Additionally, I made a drum edit of the original Jimi Hendrix track to knock in the clubs. Just looped up some open drums from the Foxy track and produced around the Hendrix song. I think it’s pretty dope and should work well in the clubs for the right crowd (it goes in my “Rock Dance” folder in Serato). Thoughts and comments always appreciated.

FoxyBrown “Art of War” (320, Mediafire)

Jimi Hendrix “Foxy Lady (Emynd’s Drum Edit) (320, Mediafire)


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