Lil Wayne & Gucci Mane “Get It In” (Sans Omarion)

First of all, sorry for these two pics. They are DISGUSTING. Theyre both weirding me the fuck out but they were both way too bizaare to not post.

Anyway, on to the music: first heard this song with Wayne on it, then I got emailed a version with Gucci. Both versions are cool except for the presence of Omarion so I cut his bitch ass out and put the Wayne and Gucci versions together to piss off girls. Enjoy.

This is a fake 320 because I made it out of two 192 MP3s (hey dont bitch at me, that’s all that’s available online) but I made this shit 320 so the quality wouldnt be even MORE shitty.

Omarion ft Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane “Get It In (No Omarion Edit)” (Fake 320, Mediafire)


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