Scott Matelic *PARTY PEOPLE EP* Out Now!

Today, Crossfaded Bacon Digital is very proud to present Scott Matelic’s *Party People EP* featuring remixes by Emynd as well as a collaboratory effort between Baltimore legends Scottie B & King Tutt. You can purchase the release at Turntable Lab, Junodownload, Amazon and iTunes!

CFB is circulating one of the highlights of the EP “Hype” for free download. Feel free to blog the song as freely as y’all like!

Scott Matelic “Hype” (Mediafire 320)

And Scott was kind enough to bless us with a dope 40 minute promo mix of some cuts from this release:

The “Party People Promo Mix” is a Bmore Club based mix that showcases all tracks featured on my Crossfaded Bacon release, “Party People EP.” Additionally, I threw in some recent remix work and a couple other joints, including songs by Armand Van Helden, the homey Emynd, KW Griff, and Indianapolis up-and-comers Night Riders. — Scott Matelic

Enjoy and thanks for all the support!

Scott Matelic “Party People Promo Mixtape” (Mediafire 192)

1. Scott Matelic “Party People”
2. Scott Matelic “Party People (Scottie B. & King Tutt’s Eastside Westside)
3. Scott Matelic “Party People (Emynd Remix)”
4. Scott Matelic/Paul Johnson/House of Gypsies “Get Get Down”
5. Scott Matelic “This Naptown”
6. Scott Matelic “Sirens”
7. Scott Matelic “Scottieottie”
8. Major Lazer “Pon De Floor (Scott Matelic Remix)”
9. Scott Matelic “Hype”
10. Scott Matelic “Ain’t Going Nowhere”
11. Scott Matelic “Grapevine”
12. Mike 2600 “Gigolo Rhythm (Scott Matelic Remix)”
13. Night Riders “Don’t Get Me Wrong”
14. Party People Fast Break
15. Armand Van Helden “Illin N Fillin It”
14. KW Griff “One More Chance”
16. Emynd “But It’s Alright”

Check after the jump for individual youtubes of each of the tracks from the EP.

Artist: Scott Matelic
Remixers: (1) Scottie B & King Tutt; (2) Emynd
Release: Party People EP
Label: Crossfaded Bacon Music
Catalog Number: CFB006
Genres: Baltimore Club, House, Hip-Hop, Breaks, DJ Tools

01. Party People (Original Mix)
02. Party People (Emynd Remix)
03. Party People (Scottie B & King Tutt Eastside Westside Remix)
04. Scottieottie
05. Scottieottie (Instrumental)
06. Sirens
07. Hype
08. Grapevine
09. Aint Going Nowhere

An Indianapolis, Indiana native, DJ/Producer Scott Matelic grew up obsessed with records. Whether hip-hop 12s, rare drum breaks, or peculiar psych rock LPs, Scott Matelic has always had an insatiable desire to consume music to help foster the creation of his own new sounds. Over the past decade, this obsession with records lead Scott into a fruitful DJ and production career, in the beginning, honing his skills by producing sample-based hip-hop beats for local rappers, eventually developing Scott into one of the most well known and critically acclaimed instrumental hip-hop producers in the world. In 2004 his first solo release hit the streets: a limited Japanese-only solo project titled “Primitive Pessimist that sold out almost immediately and brought Scott a significant amount of international attention. Around this same time, Scott Matelic begin DJing more and more in a dance club setting, allowing him to develop an ear for new, unheard sounds for his ever expanding audiences. On his debut EP on Crossfaded Bacon Music, Scott Matelic takes this expansive production background, using it to deliver nine unique Baltimore Club-inspired tracks that are richly produced and fine-tuned by the ears of a true production master whos spent his life surrounded by an assorted collection of records. Whether its the stuttering Baltimore horns on the title track Party People, the soulful horns of Scottieottie, or the ravenous energy of both Sirens and Hype, this EP is another exceptional collection of richly-produced club tracks. Emynd provides an inventive Old-School-House-meets-Bmore remix of the title track while Baltimore Club legends Scottie B and King Tutt team up on their remix of the same song releasing a barrage of vocal chops and wailing synths that make this release another forward-thinking release from Crossfaded Bacon.

Party People (Original Mix)

Party People (Emynd Remix)

Party People (Scottie B & King Tutt Eastside Westside Remix)





Aint Going Nowhere

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