XIB “Baltimore Bounce”

Big ups to Noz for putting me up on this ish. While Go-Go samples have turned up in many a Baltimore club track, and DC rappers haven’t been shy about rapping on Baltimore Club tracks this is certainly the most deliberate, cohesive, and successful fusion of Go-Go and Club music that have graced my tender ears. This track has two backbones–the tumbling Go-Go drums as well as a sample of Booman and Griff’s classic “Pick ‘Em Up“–while the vocals consist of re-contextualized Rap chants made into Go-Go refrains (most of which seem to be Waka Flocka lyrics and or adlibs). I have no idea how big this song is or will be in the DMV. It seems that the folks that like Go-Go and the folks that like Club music are often diametrically opposed to each other, but hopefully both groups will find this song as dope as I do. I haven’t checked the entirety of the XIB “Laugh Now Cry Later” album yet (which can be downloaded HERE), but they’ve posted it for free and am planning on checking it shortly. In the mean time, enjoy this song!

XIB “Baltimore Bounce” (Sendspace, 160 kps)


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