So Shifty *Wine Touch Clap EP* Now Available

And today, we bring you the future! I’m so excited to introduce the world to So Shifty with their very first official release of their own original material here in the *Wine Touch Clap EP.* Everyone from Sinden to Diplo to Radioclit have been showing support to these dudes for months, and I’m so psyched this release finally came together. Featuring Ward 21’s Kunley, Tifa, Timberlee, and Natalie Storm (aka TNT) on vocal work, each of the three originals has a really unique and yet totally consumable vibe: these songs are forward-thinking yet accessible. The remixes all bang too: Them Jeans’ phenomenal Big Room House remix is absolutely massive while I provided a New Orleans Bounce remix that I think works quite well while French wunderkind Douster and the So Shifty boys round out the release with two more great remixes. Peep snippets of each song in the Youtube video above and then go cop that shit!

The OG “Wine,” and the Them Jeans Remix, are both below for y’all to download, blog, and distribute as you please. The rest of the EP can be purchased with the links below. If you blog the song, please provide links for purchase.

iTunes (only $3.99!)
Turntable Lab

We can’t tell you how much we appreciate y’all supporting our music!

So Shifty “Wine (Original Mix)” (Mediafire 320)

So Shifty “Wine (Them Jeans Remix)” (Mediafire 320)



  1. Stu says:

    Big Up! I’m really digging So Shifty and love wine and the them jeans remix. Crossfaded Bacon is killing it right now!

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