Emynd “Summer Shots” Mix

A new mix of Dance music I made for the summer. Tons of CFB releases, corny shit, hard shit, fun shit, and whatever else I’m into. Lots of in-key mixing and fun little blends too. Hope y’all enjoy this as much as I do!

Emynd “Summer Shots” Mix Download (Mediafire)

1. Emynd ft Roundhead “The Most High” (So Shifty Remix)
2. Emynd ft Roundhead “The Most High” (Original Mix)
3. SIS “Break Down” (Original Mix)
4. Raziek “Die” (Emynd Remix)
5. Boy 8 Bit “A City Under Seige” (Original Mix)
6. Mr. Goaty, Antonio Venuti “Fashion Flute” (Main Mix)
7. Scott Matelic “Sirens”
8. U-Tern “Style, Class Flair” (Emynd’s “Money To Blow” Blend)
9. Giulio LNT “Hello Chicago” (Original Mix)
10. So Shifty ft Ward 21 “Wine” (Them Jeans Remix)
11. So Shifty ft Ward 21 “Wine” (Original Mix)
12. Wolfgang Gartner “Undertaker” (Original Mix)
13. Dan Oh “Lysis” (Emynd Remix)
14. Zeppy Zep “Sierra”
15. Scott Matelic “Party People” (Emynd Remix)
16. Libex, Lrm “Liftered” (Original Mix)
17. Steve Smooth, Luvli “So High feat. Luvli” (Inphinity & Kalendr Remix)
18. Duck Sauce “The Motion”
19. Nelski “Body Pop” (Radio Slave Remix feat. Tom Gandey)
20. DJ Unk “In Yo Face” (Unruly’s Scottie B Remix)
21. Emynd “Don’t Stop”
22. Thommy Davis “Night Train” (Club Mix)
23. Groove, Lello Mascolo “I Dont Love You No More” (Jerry Ropero Remix, Robbie Groove Re-edit)
24. French Fries “Senta” (Emynd Mighty Quinn Piano Blend)
25. Them Jeans “Flying Rats” (Original Mix)


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  1. Cousin Cole says:

    This is great!

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