Emynd “Grind Promo Mix”

Well even though Canada kicked me out of their fine country before I could actually play this party with my dog DJ Frame, I put together this quick mix of stuff. You can check it on the streamable mixcloud-cast above or download it below.

Emynd “Grind Promo Mix” (Mediafire, 256 MP3)

1. Aloe Blacc “I Need A Dollar” (Emynd Remix featuring Lyrikill and Tony Skratchere)
2. Partners N Crime “We Don’t Love Them Hoes”
3. The Dream “Love King” (Emynd Bounce Remix)
4. Big Ramp ft Took “Walk Wit It” (Emynd Bounce Remix)
5. Rihanna “Rude Boy” (B. Ford Bounce Remix)
6. Beyonce “Video Phone” (Emynd Bounce Remix)
7. Big Daddie & Bossman “Ya Heard Me Part II”
8. Lil Money “Stack That Ass Up”
9. 5th Ward Weebie ft Lil Wayne “Bend It Ova”
10. Gotty Boi Chris “Bend Over (2004 Remix)”
11. Beyonce ft Buja Banton “Single Ladies (Emynd Remix)”
12. Emynd “The Club Champ (Peacachoo New Orleans Bounce Remix)”


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  1. Dj Dinna says:

    Too bad you got kicked out of the country, dope mix though.

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