Allow Me To Introduce Myself…


I go by the name of BREK.ONE as a DJ / HUMAN / CONNOISEUR of the finer things in life in the form of mango shakes and extremely limited sneakers.

I am very humbled to have been approached by the good guys here at Crossfaded Bacon to contribute to their blog. I will try my best to live up to the hype that CFB holds. That being said, I will leave the posts about my credenza game for my personal site while providing you with entertainment and posts about things that I feel you should know about / need in your life…

(You need this in your life…)

You can also catch me on TWITTER – @BREKONE

Last but not least… For your listening pleasure, I’ll leave you with these two mixes that have floating around the internets…

BREK.ONE – Live at Middlesex Memorial Day Weekend 2010

BREK.ONE – 7 PM PACIFIC TIME (Also available from the good guys at FULLY FITTED)

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