Emynd ft The Show – Suite Dreams

Emynd ft The Show – Suite Dreams by Emynd

Big new Hip-House song I produced for West Philadelphia’s own THE SHOW aka The Class Prez. This joint’s been working really well in the club and I think it’s a really fun, unique song. Hope y’all enjoy it! Please feel free to share it on your blog or play it any of your sets!

Emynd ft The Show – Suite Dreams (Dirty/Original)
(Clean/Radio) (Instrumental) (ZIP of all 3)


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  1. […] Emynd just cooked up this futuristic rap/club banger with The Show. Haven’t heard of The Show before this joint but he’s got a nice unique flow and sneaks some jabs in on the track. I haven’t heard Emynd do a ton of music like this either. Most of his joints are b’more club or ATL bass inspired. Glad to hear him reaching out and I’m guessing this is The Show’s first attempt at something like this. I love when artists reach out of their comfort zone. It helps the whole music industry grow. Check it out below and you can grab the pack with the dirty/clean/instrumental over at Crossfaded Bacon. […]

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