RIP Nate Dogg & @Steve1der Mix

Drawing by Dino Henderson


Sad day. As my man THE SHOW aka The Class Prez said on twitter:

RIP Nate Dogg!! There would be no T-Pain, Akon, or whoever else making a living off just singing hooks without his trail blazing talent!!

The really remarkable thing about Nate Dogg to me was not only how vital he sounded on every single song he was in, but how universally accepted he was. I was surrounded by a lot of true school boom bap nerdery growing up and we all had pretty vocal and varying opinions on rap music. There were a few things however that we all agreed on and somehow or other, the fact that Nate Dogg was amazing was one of these things. His vocals have also aged really well. They don’t sound dated to me… they sound timeless. If you just take a quick glance at hip-hop, it might be easy to accuse Nate Dogg of being a cursory footnote, but anybody who knows anything about rap music knows just how important this dude is, was, and hopefully always will be. RIP Nate Dogg.

Enjoy Steve1der’s best of Nate Dogg mix above. It’s a truly great mix done with a great deal of respect for the man.


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