Controller 7 – Bumps Re-Up

Classic mix from the homie Controller 7! Lots of fun rap and swell mixes! Go grab it!

I made this mix a few years back. We nod (a store in Japan) pressed up the cds and released the majority of them in Japan. It got a bunch of really positive reviews. It’s been out of print for awhile now. Maybe it will get a repress at some point, but for now you can grab this free download.” – Controller 7

Controller 7 – Bumps (Stream & Download)

1. Intro
2. Kool G. Rap – “Play It Kool”
3. Showbiz and AG – “A
Giant In The Mental”
4. Volume 10 – “Styles On Deck”
5. “Ahonetwo”
6. Steady B – “Nothin’ But The Bass”
7. Spyder D – “Placin’ The Beat”
8. “All the Ladies…”
9. Sparky D – “Throwdown”
10. Nas – “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” (remix)
11. MC Serch – “Back To The Grill”
12. Charizma and Peanut Butter Wolf – “That’s Word”
13. De La Soul – “Freedom Of Speak”
14. Del That Funky Homosapien – “Burnt”
15. Masta Ace – “Born To Roll”
16. “Hot Damn”
17. The Beatnuts – “Reign Of The Tec”
18. Common Sense – “Soul By The Pound”
19. “Dancin’ ‘Til it Hirts”
20. Casual – “It’s A Me Thang”
21. Stezo – “Bring The Horns”
22. Just-Ice – ” Going Way Back”
23. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – “Straighten It Out”
24. De La Soul – “Oodles of O’s”
25. “1, 2, 3…”
26. MC Lyte – “I Am The Lyte”
27. B.D.P. – “Gimme, DAT, (Woy)”
28. Kool G. Rap – “On The Run” (remix)
29. Snoop Dogg – “Serial Killa”
30. Cypress Hill – “Hand On The Pump”
31. Black Sheep – “Have U.N.E. Pull”
32. bonus megamix



  1. GSB says:

    I can’t figure out how to download it for the life of me….

  2. emynd says:

    Actually me neither lol!

  3. Jon M says:

    You have to create a Soul Strut account and activate it. Once you login, click the above link and a download button will appear. Right click and save as.

  4. DJ Stef says:

    “Goin’ way back!” I still rock this on the regular. So dope.

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