We’re a bit late with the 1st & 15th again, but suck it up… it was Labor Day weekend and, frankly, we’re adults so we got real life schitt to handle… DEAL WITH IT! This time around, your boy Blizzy is back with more of that wig splitting Philly rap music. He and I did the now classic Philly Love Volume 1 several years ago to much fan-fare, so this is a much needed return to form. Featuring classics, rarities, and favorites from all corners of the city and beyond. Download it below, stream it above, and don’t ever forget that you can stream the rest of the 1st & 15th mixes here (or download them all individually here). As always, thanks so much for listening!

1st & 15th Mixcast Volume 35 – Bo Bliz – Philly Love Volume 2 (Mediafire Download)

1. Beanie Sigel – What Your Life Like
2. Meek Mill – My Niggaz Gon Ride
3. Meek Mill – I’m a Boss
4. Freeway – I Cry
5. Young Chris – Sticking to the Script
6. Reef the Lost Cauze w/Emynd & Bear One – Bundle Up
7. Oschino – Roc-a-Fella Record Thing
8. Beanie Sigel – I Can’t Go On This Way
9. Tuff Crew – Badlands
10. Outerspace/JMT/Baby Blak – Danger Zone
11. Beanie Sigel – I Don’t Do Much
12. Meek Mill – Ham Music
13. Young Chris – Philly Shit
14. Schoolly D – We Get Ill
15. Schoolly D – Get’n Paid
16. Chill Moody- Cosmic Kev Freestyle
17. Peedi & Free – Allah
18. Neef Buck (Posse Cut) – Fuckin’ Up The Game
19. Tuff Crew – Kick The Ball
20. Cool C – I Gotta Habit
21. Steady B – The Hill Top
22. Peedi Crakk – Ring the Alarm
23. Meek Mill – Moment 4 Life
24. Ram Squad – Get it On
25. Tuff Crew – North Side


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  1. dtrain says:

    Vol 1 was hot!! Vol 2 looks Hotter!! Rep 215

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