Finally! More Bounce music! It’s been waaaay too long since I did the first installment of Bounce It for the Mad Decent Podcast. I’m very happy to say that that mix had a pretty eye-opening effect on a huge population of folks who previously had never heard of New Orleans Bounce Music. I got more then a few emails stating something along the lines of “HOLY CRAP HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS MUSIC EXISTED?!” I’m also happy to report that in recent years, several New Orleans Bounce artists have started to reach outside of New Orleans and do shows across the US, particularly Big Freedia who has been on a tear for the last two years or so. This mix isn’t quite as exhaustive in its coverage of Bounce music and is definitely more focused on my own stuff, but I think it’s a really fun listen from top to bottom. Most of these songs are available for download on Nolabounce.com or on The Bouncespot Soundcloud page and I’ve done my best to provide individual download links where available in the tracklist below.

As always, I really hope y’all enjoy this mix and I encourage every single one of you to visit New Orleans sometime soon. It’s a city unlike any other in the US and even though its come a long way since Katrina, they still need our tourist dollars going in. So, do yourself a favor and go party in New Orleans ASAP! In the mean time, enjoy the mix and don’t forget you can stream the rest of the 1st & 15th mixes here (or download them all individually here). As always, thanks so much for listening!

1st & 15th Mixcast Volume 38 – Emynd – Bounce It Volume 2 (Hulkshare Download)


1. Magnolia Shorty – Smoking Gun
2. Frank Ocean – Swim Good (Emynd Bounce Remix)
3. Gotty Boi chris – Make Yo Booty Wop
4. Vockah Redu – Lay Wit U (J-Dwag Mix)
5. Big Freedia – Y’all Get Back Now
6. Gotty Boi Chris – Yo Baby Daddy (Top Billin Remix)
7. Gotty Boi Chris – Yo Baby Daddy (Emynd Remix)
8. 5th Ward Weebie & Big Choo – I Wanna Be Where You Are
9. Big Freedia – Rock Around The Clock
10. Messy Mya – Them Hoes is Jealous Of Me
11. Gotty Boi Chris – Do You Know
12. Bobby Valention ft Lil Wayne – Your Smile (Emynd Bounce Remix)
13. Big Daddie & Bossman – Ya Heard Me Part II
14. Beyonce – Videophone (Emynd Bounce Remix)
15. Kourtney Heart ft Soulja Boy & Magnolia Shorty – My Boy Remix
16. Rihanna – What’s My Name (Emynd Bounce Remix)
17. Galactic ft Glen David Andrews – You Don’t Know (Emynd Bounce Remix)
18. Emynd – The Club Champ (Peacachoo Remix)
19. MC Shakie – Drop Real Low
20. Sissy Nobby & The Bouncespot DJs – Pop Dat Dyck Up
21. So Shifty ft Ward 21 – Wine (Emynd Bounce Remix)
22. Aloe Blacc – I Need A Dollar (Emynd Bounce Remix ft Lyrkill & Tony Skratchere)


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