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PROPS! “So Ghetto” (Produced by Vitamin D)

This is the kind of stuff that makes me proud of my hometown, Indianapolis. PROPS! is a former Indy resident now living in Seattle. I had never heard of dude until last week when I saw this video directed by my up and coming (NH) young homie Jace. Filmed in Naptown, Jace has been killing the music video game as of late. Peep his YouTube page for proof. First-rate production is provided by fellow Seatown native (and Jake One ally), Vitamin D.

So Ghetto – PROPS – produced by vitamin D by HeavyGunRecs


Rick Ross & Isley Brothers – Gotti Family (Last Word’s Work To Do Edit)

Rick Ross & Isley Brothers – Gotti Family (Last Word’s Work To Do Edit) by Last Word

New edit off the forthcoming originals-vs-rap-jam mixtape “Somewhere Between Fast Food & Vegan Vol. 2”  from Minneapolis based Get Cryphy party rocker Last Word. Rick Ross plus Isley Brothers. What more could you ask for? Stay tuned for more edits and the official mixtape release!

Rick Ross & Isley Brothers – Gotti Family (Last Word’s Work To Do Edit) (MP3 MEDIAFIRE DOWNLOAD)

ElectroCute, classic, shoulda went triple…


Yeah… So I don’t know if this came out in 2005 or 2006, I just know it’s kinda old and hot as shit. There are a couple tracks on here that aren’t exactly timeless, but I listened to this mix today while I was uh… doing absolutely nothing and I still really like it. This mix has insane amounts of doo-dahs, blends, remixes, doo-dahs, exclusives, genres, and just a higher production value than a large majority of mixes. You see how much I’m hyping this jawn? I’ve decided that since it’s mad old, that it’s ok to praise my (our) own work this much. Not to mention the fact that the electro on it is good old school electro and not this bloggy new school crap. But seriously, this mix bangs and we were doing this electro thing while you were still in the marching band.

Oh yeah, I’m going to find the oldest picture of me and sparks on my photobucket since zshare is taking so damn long.