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@kkingdomm vs Usher

Usher – Appetite (Kingdom Edit) by kkingdomm

Great chopped up edit of Usher’s classic “Appetite” by the homie Kingdom. Don’t forget to check his great piece in Frank 151 about slept on R&B songs/singers.


Lay It Down (Emynd Booty Bass Remix)

Lay It Down (Emynd Booty Bass Remix) by Emynd

If you can’t tell by now, I really love double-timing slow jams into So So Def Atlanta Bass inspired stuff. I’m not sure if anyone is capable of liking this as much as I do, and I know it’s kind’ve tacky to be a fan of your own stuff, but god damn I really really love this shit. Even though dude looks like Jar Jar Binks, I’m officially a Lloyd fan. Hope y’all enjoy this half as much as I do. If you’re feeling this joint, check out my various other Booty Bass joints here.

Lay It Down (Emynd Booty Bass Remix) (MP3 Mediafire Download)


Too Close (90’s RnB Mix) – Bo Bliz

You can stream it at the above link-

Or dl it: HERE!!

What’s My Name Bounce Remix

Emynd – Whats My Name Bounce Remix by Emynd

Quick New Orleans Bounce touch-up of the Ri-Ri jam. Kept it pretty simple but definitely a more aggressive take on the original.

What’s My Name (Emynd Bounce Remix) (320 Mediafire MP3 Download)


Mike 2600 – Extra Large Mix 2

EXTRA LARGE II by Mike 2600

Looky here – it’s the newest EXTRA LARGE mix, put together just for you all live from Mike 2600’s basement in beautiful Northeast Minneapolis! After you rock out to this spectacular mix of dance tunage, go see him and Wezz Winship at the First Avenue Record Room this Friday December 10!

Human League “Being Boiled”
E-40 “Tell Me When To Go (instrumental)”
Raw DMX “Do It to the Funk”
Jade “Don’t Walk Away (Mike 2600 blend)”
Graveleaf “The Crusade (Wax Romeo remix)”
Cameron Paul “Clock Beats”
DJ Day “Kossa”
Jean Buisine “Poids et Mesures”
Pleasure “Let’s Dance”
Doug Surreal & Mike 2600 “The Get It Now”
Michael Jackson “Rock With You (instrumental)”
Eric B & Rakim “Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em (acapella)”
Mike 2600 “Vibes”
Contents Hot “Boombahton”
Dillon Francis & Dave Nada “Brazzer’s Theme”
Pitbull “The Anthem (instrumental)”
Lady Saw “Loser”
Elephant Man “Dis Gone”
Beenie Man “Dance & Killy Dem”
Sean Paul “Hey Ya”
Beenie Man “Yuh Body”
Emynd ft Roundhead “The Most High (Mike 2600 remix)”
Earth Wind & Fire “Brazilian Rhyme”

Rihanna – S&M Emynd Bmore Re-Drum

NOTE: Universal disabled the Soundcloud, but the Mediafire is still up

Quick Baltimore touch up of the Rihanna jam, making it slightly darker, heavier, and dirtier. Hope y’all enjoy!

Rihanna “S&M (Emynd Bmore Re-Drum)” (320 Mediafire)


Ciara – Ride So Shifty Remix

Ciara feat. Ludacris – Ride (So Shifty Remix) by So Shifty

Quick re-up of the So Shifty banger that reached the DL limit on Soundcloud quick like! Get the mediafire below!

Ciara featuring Ludacris “Ride (So Shifty Remix)”


Koobra vs R Kelly

Koobra “Thrills” vs R Kelly “Be My #2” (Emynd Blend) SOUNDCLOUD and 320 MEDIAFIRE

Quick blend I did of Top Billin’s recent release by Koobra and R. Kelly’s stomping jam “Be My #2.” I bumped the R. Kelly vocals up half a step to get it in key with the Koobra cut, and I think this shit sounds pretty damn perfect. Hope y’all enjoy!!


Rihanna “Rude Boy” (Emynd Blend)

rudeboy by Emynd

Quick blend over Hi-Tek’s classic “Sun God” beat for Common and added Baby Cham’s verse from “Rude Boy Pledge” for obvious reasons. Hope you enjoy!

Rihanna “Rude Boy” (Emynd “Sun God” Blend featuring Baby Cham) (MEDIAFIRE, 320)


Bo Bliz presents: Stevie Wonder Mix 2002

I just re-upped this for Valentine’s Day after hearing someone on my block cuss this chick out until she was crying hysterically. Yes this is old, and yes I’ve prolly posted this before, but as Stevie said, “love’s in need of love today.”

All vinyl, all classics, hot shit.

Bo Bliz Stevie Wonder Mix

Chris Brown ft Lil Wayne & Swizz Beatz

Hooked up an extended intro of the new Chris Brown jawn with Wayne produced by Swizzy. A really fucking good song as far as I’m concerned! Another Fake 320 ’cause I made this edit out of a 192 mp3.

Chris Brown ft Wayne and Swizz Beatz “Transform Ya (Emynd’s Extended Intro)” (Fake 320, Mediafire)


Lil Wayne & Gucci Mane “Get It In” (Sans Omarion)

First of all, sorry for these two pics. They are DISGUSTING. Theyre both weirding me the fuck out but they were both way too bizaare to not post.

Anyway, on to the music: first heard this song with Wayne on it, then I got emailed a version with Gucci. Both versions are cool except for the presence of Omarion so I cut his bitch ass out and put the Wayne and Gucci versions together to piss off girls. Enjoy.

This is a fake 320 because I made it out of two 192 MP3s (hey dont bitch at me, that’s all that’s available online) but I made this shit 320 so the quality wouldnt be even MORE shitty.

Omarion ft Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane “Get It In (No Omarion Edit)” (Fake 320, Mediafire)