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CFCF x BOB “Nothin’ On You Hear Colours”

B.O.B. x CFCF “Nothin’ On You Hear Colours” (Emynd Blend) by Emynd

These fellars were in key so I put them together and added some more drums just to give it some extra-oomph. There’s only DIY ‘pellas of the BOB track floating around so the vocal quality is a bit janky, but I think this shit sounds good! Thoughts and comments appreciated!

BOB x CFCF “Nothin’ On You Hear Colours” (Emynd Blend) (Mediafire)


Brother Reade *DRAMA EP* Available NOW!

Today, December 22nd marks the release date of Crossfaded Bacon’s newest release, *THE DRAMA EP* by North-Carolinian-turned -LA-Transplants BROTHER READE. I’ve posted a promo youtube above with a snippet of each song (and click after the jump to peep full length Youtubes videos of each song) but this is the first of many Hip-Hop releases soon to come on CFB. As usual, genre-limitations are busted open on this release as the production infuses elements and influences as far reaching as Dub Step, traditional Southern Rap, Big Room House, and that True School Boom Bap Rap while vocalist Jams F. Kennedy weaves his way through each beat. Featuring remixes by Emynd, Scott Matelic, and new CFB signee Them Jeans, we’re all really excited about this EP.

Today, we’re sharing Brother Reade’s original “Southern Boy” mix as well as Emynd’s “Southern Man Remix” and we invite you to blog and distribute these two songs freely.

Brother Reade “Southern Boy (Original Mix)” (320 Mediafire)

Brother Reade “Southern Boy (Emynd’s Southern Man Remix)” (320 Mediafire)

The entire EP can be purchased at the following locations:
Turntable Lab

Thanks so much for the support! Don’t forget to follow Crossfaded Bacon on Twitter!

Check after the jump for full Youtube videos.

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Mike 2600 *READY TO ROCK EP* Available Now!

Today marks the release date of another fantastic release on our lil’ ol’ label here at Crossfaded Bacon HQ. This time we’re taking it back to them Old School Disco Party Breaks with Mike 2600’s *READY TO ROCK EP*. Mike himself created the hilarious and fun Promo video above of the title track on the EP, and I think it gives you a great indication of what this EP is all about with its Old School party vibes and editing. As you’ll notice quickly, each of the original songs on *Ready To Rock* are very clearly inspired by the innovative cut & paste mixes of Double Dee & Steinski, the Disco Rap aesthetic embodied by labels like West End and Enjoy Records, the spaced-out disco sounds of Cloud One, and even the raw sounds of ’60s garage and psych rock. If you didn’t already know, Mike 2600 is already a well known figure amongst some of the world’s biggest DJs (organizing the annual DO IT TO IT party at SXSW and helps compile the accompanying vinyl EP featuring remixes from DJs like Tittsworth, Dave Nada from Nadastrom, Crossfaded Bacon’s Emynd, and Bird Peterson) this is his first official solo release. Accompanied by exclusive remixes from CFB boys Emynd and Scott Matelic, we’re really proud to introduce Mike 2600 to the rest of the world with another CFB release that will sound fresh whether played today, tomorrow, next year, or next decade. Oh and don’t forget to follow him on Twitter.

As a gift to y’all today, you can download Mike’s original *Gigolo Rhythm* and Scott Matelic’s Remix below. Feel free to blog these boys or hit us with comments!

Mike 2600 *Gigolo Rhythm* (320 Mediafire, Zshare)

Mike 2600 *Gigolo Rhythm (Scott Matelic Remix)* (320 Mediafire, Zshare)

The full EP is available for purchase now on iTunes, Amazon, Junodownload, and Turntablelab. Thanks so much for all the support! As always, there’s a lot more to come!

And check after the jump for youtube clips of all the tracks on the EP!

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Honkey Breaks: “Bad Moon Rising”

Alright, this jawn is much sloppier than the past 2 Honkey Breaks but I’m too lazy to spend a shit load of time fixing it. Enjoy for what it’s worth.

Creedence Clearwater Revival “Bad Moon Rising” (Emynd Honkey Breaks Edit) (320 Mediafire)


Honkey Breaks: “Midnight Rider”

More Honkey Breaks for that ass. This time it’s the Allman Brothers “Midnight Rider” with the classic Bill Withers break running beneath it. I actually really like this. Shit is groovin’.

The Allman Brothers Band “Midnight Rider” (Emynd Honkey Breaks Edit)


Honkey Breaks: “Down On the Corner”

I’m happy to report, last Friday night we had a very epic BOUNCE at the Barbary. Shit was bonkers, in no small part because it was my dude Steve’s (from Exit Skateshop) Birthday. Exit sponsors the party which makes for a bit of a strange marriage because Steve hates most of the music we play… but he comes and parties regardless. In an effort to make his birthday party a bit more enjoyable for his ears, I made a couple edits of songs he likes in an attempt to appease him and not completely alienate our dancefloor. I affectionately have these songs in a folder called “Honkey Breaks” in my Serato crates and I’m going to be sharing some of them with y’all. They’re mostly pretty sloppy, but fuck it, I spent like 20 minutes on these fuckers and they got the job done. Comments always welcome even if you hate the shit!

First up is an edit of Creedence Clearwater’s “Down On the Corner” that’s got some tastefully understated Bmore-styled drums. This shit is actually fairly useful.

Creedence Clearwater Revival “Down on the Corner (Emynd Honkey Breaks Edit)” (320 Mediafire)


Mike 2600 Blends

New Crossfaded Bacon Records signing Mike 2600 killing it with a couple of really dope tracks over on the Yeeeah Buddy blog. While Mike and I make wildly different stuff, I’m really into his un-trendy style. I like to think that a lot of the stuff I personally make is likable and useful without bending towards whatever trendy aesthetic is currently in season on the blogs, and Mike’s stuff has that exact same feel. I guess the word I’m looking for is “timeless.” This stuff doesn’t sound like it was made in 2009, 1999, or 1989. It just sounds right, and I’m a big fan of music that isn’t concerned with its timeliness (shout out to folks like Eli Escobar and the Nacho Lovers who I feel are a couple other prime examples of this same artistic ethos). Anyway, enjoy the tracks and check back here for more info on Mike 2600’s forthcoming release (with remixes by Emynd and Scott Matelic)!

Gucci Crew II – Sally (Mike 2600 Blend)
Ultimate Spinach – Your Head Is Realing (Mike 2600 Remix)


Jimi Hendrix + Foxy Brown = Foxy Lady

I don’t think this ever made its way onto anything official so I ripped it from a Killer Kuts 12″ I have. It’s a really fucking dope track. Foxy does her thing on it and Just Blaze (I think) kills the beat. Usually super obvious samples like this don’t work well, but this shit totally knocks. Additionally, I made a drum edit of the original Jimi Hendrix track to knock in the clubs. Just looped up some open drums from the Foxy track and produced around the Hendrix song. I think it’s pretty dope and should work well in the clubs for the right crowd (it goes in my “Rock Dance” folder in Serato). Thoughts and comments always appreciated.

FoxyBrown “Art of War” (320, Mediafire)

Jimi Hendrix “Foxy Lady (Emynd’s Drum Edit) (320, Mediafire)