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Start 2009 off BUSY!

2008 was an incredible year for your boys, but 2009 is set to be even bigger and we’re starting the new year off BUSY AS ALL HELL. If we’re in your city, come holler. Or if you find yourself in Philly, give us a shout. If you make the trek to Philly for one of our parties, holler at us on the myspace and we’ll gladly hook you up with some guest list love. Got a lot of stuff popping and I know the google calendar on the side there is a bit too ugly to pay attention to so lemme break it down like this.

Friday, January 23rd
Cleveland, Ohio
*LeBOOM @ The Mercury Lounge*
Emynd with William Russell

(Details and Flyer coming soon)
Saturday, January 24th
Philadelphia, PA & Crossfaded Bacon Present
*IT’S THE YEAR 1998 @ Johnny Brenda’s”
w/ DJs Emynd & Bo Bliz

Playing Bangers from ’98
10PM – 2AM

Saturday, January 31st
San Francisco, CA
Emynd & Bo Bliz w/ Dave Nada

(Details and Flyer Coming Soon)
Friday, February 6th
Philadelphia PA
*The BOUNCE @ The Barbary*
Emynd & Bo Bliz w/ special guest LLOYDSKI

9PM – 2AM


Street art VS Graffiti

French Wheat Paste artist “WK Interact”, whose work is pictured above, graces the cover of the current issue of Juxtapoz magazine. Last week the artist was rushed to a Miami hospital during  an Art Basel Art Show after allegedly being knocked out by the prolifically destructive graffiti writer “Nekst”. The beef stems from the wall pictured above, which was painted months ago on a bustling NY corner. WK got permission to wheat paste the wall in the daytime over the underlying graffiti of  “Wyse”, a crew member of “Nekst”.  Both “Wyse”and “Nekst”eventually went back and painted the 2nd image at night.

Whatever you think about the use of violence, the aesthetic of the pictured graffiti or motivations for any of the above, this example makes clear the fact that one thing that separates graffiti from other forms of art is its unwritten code of social norms. If you go over people you may have a problem. For more info…

If its all just hoodlums with self esteem problems peep these oldheads still spittin hard.

De La Soul Feat. Butta Versus- You Got It

Random Tracks…

Jay-Z “Feat” Fela Kuti-Sweet Remix

As over saturated i am with contemporary Jay-zness this is a nice change of pace. This is off of Nigerian Gangster, a Grey album-esque project where Fela Kuti samples where placed under American gangster lyrics. Slow and Funky.

Cassidy Feat. Lil Wayne-Get More Money

This Weezy verse is crazy. Sometimes I forget how nice he is. The young bol from Central High spits that usual glib, gun related cleverness too.

Common feat. Cee-Lo-Make my Day

This track could be on a Abercrombie commercial but sometimes you need that.

Jay-Z Feat. Santo Gold-Brooklyn Go Hard

Growing up in East Mount Airy wasn’t always easy. If I wasn’t slangin Lemonade in front of the same church that my Mom would attend Sunday service, I was wettin the whole block up with my slip and slide. Real rap. On an even more positive note though, I got the chance to grow up around the likes of the lovely Santi White(SantoGold) who has begun what music historians will refer to as the “Mount Airy Takeover”. Anyway, check out this track from the upcoming “Notorious” Movie Soundtrack. Kanye produced it and some guy from Brooklyn raps on it.

Common- Gladiator Prod. By The Neptunes

Sure, the boozing, brawling, Resurrection Common is a little more my speed, but this futuristic, mature Common is no slouch. This track is from his upcoming project Universal Mind Control

We All Have Special Skills…

EMYND asked me to contribute to… He Is A Good Friend…

I think he is just jealous of my large collection of Bruce Springsteen Albums.

I will try not to blow it…

Like This Dude Did….

Emynd & Bo Bliz on

Ok… I visit like 30 times a day when I’m at work looking at news, sports, etc. Now they have a music section that features a lot of local cats as well as people who come thru Philly on tour. For one of their first features, they put cha boys E & B on there to talk shit and be extra cool like how we do. The editing is dope and they had a sound board patch so you can hear the cuts synched up to the video with people singing along in the crowd and everything… pretty decent.

Video of Emil & Bo




-Bo Bliz

Maino “However Do You Want It”

Maino is not my favorite rapper in the world, but this is a great song. Jacking the Soul II Soul “Back To Life” vocals and, even though dude looks like an effing HERB, JR Rotem KILLS the beat. So dope.

Maino “However Do You Want It” (Prod by JR Rotem):


Lil Wayne Blog on Sports


Ok, try and lie to me and tell me that you wouldn’t be interested in a blog about sports written by Lil Wayne.


Don’t Sleep!!

Promo Youtube for Ghostdad‘s party in Boston where Bliz and I make a quick appearance at the end. DON’T SLEEP!!


Bass Invaders Mix by Nick Yoder & Ghostdad

My man Ghostdad with Nick Yoder. In Ghostdad’s words:

[i]so I been messing around with lots of laptop doodads as of late (see The Dadsampler downstairs) but there aint nothing better than leaving the laptop at home and mixing straight vinyl. I do a monthly with my man Nick centered around classic bass and derivatives thereof. He’s got a shit ton of amazing bass records and I’ve got few gems myself so we layed it down in this live vinyl mixtape for the good people at Vinyl Exchange Radio. A few newer selections in there as well, guess we repped Flamin Hotz kinda hard but those are good 12″s! Holler at Emynd too that’s a dope track. Anyway please do give a listen if you like old school Baltimore, Baile, Bass, House jams etc. There’s a bunch of other great mixes on the VERadio page as well be sure to click through!

Vinyl Exchange

01. “We’ve Lost Our Big Kabloona” (In the Next World You’re on Your Own LP) – The Firesign Theatre (1975 Columbia)
02. “Jam the Box” – Pretty Tony (1984 Pandisc 12″) Prod. by Tony Butler
03. “Maria Gasolina” (Funk Brasil 3 LP compilation) – SD Funk (1991 Polydor Brazil) Prod. by DJ Marlboro
04. “My Neck My Back remix” (“Funkeiros e Progresso” EP compilation) – Cabide DJ (2007 Flamin Hotz)
05. “Goodbye Kiss” – Eddie ‘Flashin’ Fowlkes (1986 Metroplex 12″)
06. “Work it to the Bone” – LNR (1987 House Jam 12″) Prod. by Rick Lenoir and Larry Thompson
07. “Whatzup? Whatzup?” – Ms. Tony (1994 Sinical Records split 12″) Prod. by Scottie B. and Shawn Caesar
08. “Dikkontrol” – Tapp (1993 Yeah Yeah) Prod. by Phat Da’Dee
09. “I See Some Thick Jawns” (“White Tees White Belts” EP) – Emynd and Bo Bliz (2007 Flamin Hotz)
10. “Git Pumped and All That” (The E.P.) – 2 Whyte Kids (1996 HardHead Records) Prod. by DJ Kool Breez and Big Red
11. “Give it All You Got (Doggy Style)” – Afro-Rican (1987 Sun Town 12″) Prod. by Derrick Rahming
12. “Dreams on Plastic ” (J.D.’s Juvenile Delinquent Dub) (“Volume 7: The Progressive Vibe” EP) – Bonesbreaks (1993 Groove World) Prod. by Frankie Bones
13. “M & M Getting Off” – DJ Magic Mike (1990 Cheetah Records)
14. “Shake a Lil Somethin” (Mr. Mixx remix) – 2 Live Crew (1995 Lil Joe 12″)
15. “Raise the Roof” (Party Time version) – Luke feat. No Good but So Good (1998 Island 12″) Prod. by Luther Campbell and Darren Rudnick
16. “Whatzup, Whatzup” (B-Rock remix) – Playa Poncho feat. L.A. Sno (1995 So So Def 12″)
17. “Rock Wit It (Frank Ski Dope Beat Mix)” – Prince Rahiem (1994 4th & B’way 12″)
18. “A Mirror for Futility” (Original Stories For Children Inspired by Star Trek LP) – Star Trek (1979 Peter Pan Sound)

Emil’s Mix/Jersey Shore/Techno/Trance

Before I get into anything else, make sure you scroll down and dl Emil’s Bounce Mix that’s causing so much controversy on the nets.

Yes, people who work on Wall St. have opinions about music, and if we spend enough time on the hollerboard we are in peril of listening to those opinions.

But anyways, I am going to the Jersey Shore tomorrow to get away from my not-very-stressful life for a week. I will be in Wildwood, NJ… Sick, huh?

watch for the tramcar please

“Watch for the tramcar please, w-w-w-watch for the tramcar please…”

At one point in time (before my time) Wildwood was a center of nightlife and music culture on the East Coast, especially doo-wop. Dick Clark would do American Bandstand down there. “Rock Around the Clock” was first performed there by Bill Haley and the Comets, and so was “The Twist” by Chubby Checker. Did you know Bobby Rydell, Frankie Avalon, and Chubby Checker all graduated from South Philly High? Apparently they all used to party/perform in Wildwood all summer. Serious movement going on back then.

Pretty amazing stuff, if you want to read more click this, and just roam a little. I definitely feel like I missed out on that era. Could have found love back then or something. But I digress…

Nowadays, every club down there is a straight Trance jump-off with maybe a Hip-Hop room if you are lucky. Coincidentally, I have also been reading this “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life” (google it) book that Emil lent me. Now, when I was younger, I was a huge rave hater (proud wigga- bitch!), and I guess I still kind of am. I had never given much thought to how all this nonsense (E-Music) had happened and where it came from. More recently I have gotten a better idea of where it came from, but not in a sense that I knew any of the artists or anything like that.

Now, I have an idea of what early House sounds like, but not really early Techno, and Techno seems to be a closer cousin of Trance than House. Basically, Wildwood, Trance, that book, etc. got me thinking and I decided to dl what was called the first Techno compilation from the Detroit OG’s imported to Europe that birthed the international electronic scene that we have now. I’m planning to listen to it with an open mind, because if ever Techno was good, I’m thinking the original Detroit shit must have been it. I figure listening to it will at least give me some insight about how House–>Techno–>Trance etc.

OK, I’m done making excuses for why I’m listening to this crap. But trust me, I will be lounging at the Shore getting red with this in my Ipod next week.

Techno! The New Dance Sound Of Detroit V/A 1988

Part 1

Part 2




alright, that free shit came out last week. and oh yeah, that shit is blazing. the hectic news is that supposedly Beans’ shit has already leaked. DAMN!!! i was waiting all year bitching about albums not coming out and now i don’t even have time to listen to them all. jay–>free–>beans..

definitely can’t complain though. in fact i want to shoot you a link of the og track that was used for my current favorite song on the album(freeway’s)- “this can’t be real”. it is a gil scott heron track entitled “did you hear what they said?” of course i wouldn’t be posting it if it wasn’t dope itself.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


also- WTWB/Emynd and Bo Bliz have lots of dope things happening soon.

next friday the 7th is WTWB at the Arts Garage. the day after we are in brooklyn at savala’s with our homie caps. the next saturday after that(dec. 15th) we are back at the barbary- which is quickly turning into philly’s hottest venue. the very next saturday(dec. 22nd) after that we are back at the mad pussy party @ transit. big ups to paper street and simplefly for turning that shit into something really big that is consistently dope.

for more info check our This is a link to MYSPACE!!!

peace y’all.


Squad call him Reefy

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I thought I would post this youtube of philly rapper and Crossfaded Bacon fam Reef the Lost Cauze. Reef is a fucking really dope rapper who has been grinding at this rap shit way before people even rocked guess jeans. He gets insane amounts of underground love, but deserves respect across the entire rap spectrum. Life has a way of pulling people in different directions, and I don’t see Reef as much as I used to, but I just know the bol will continue to stay thorough and keep making real music people in Philly can feel and can be proud of.

Peep the V-Twinz produced, “The Sound Of Philadelphia”. Reef borrows the song title from the famous Philly record label that Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff spawned(you should know that), and reflects on some of the realities we deal with living in Philadelphia- drugs, violence, poverty, corruption, frustration, and unhealthy food(which is actually a good thing).

The joint is a little old, but now is always a good time to think about the shit going on around us.

Peace y’all.