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Beyonce “Video Phone” (Emynd Bounce Remix)

A couple months back, my folks at Unruly Records were asked to get some remixes of “Video Phone” together. They shouted at me to get one together and I thought the jawn would sound cool sped up to Bounce speed. I didn’t want to use any samples in the remix, so that’s why the drums don’t have the authentic “Drag Rap” or “Brown Beat” sounds, but I think it’s a fun remix nonetheless. Additionally, this remix is a bit a interpolation of the classic Bounce joint by Big Daddie and Bossman’s “Ya Heard Me Part 2” which I’ve also posted below. You should be able to hear the similarities when you listen to both. Hope you enjoy!

Beyonce “Video Phone” (Emynd New Orleans Bounce Remix) (Mp3 320 Mediafire)

Big Daddie & Bossman “Ya Heard Me Part 2” (MP3 320 Mediafire)


So Shifty *Wine Touch Clap EP* Now Available

And today, we bring you the future! I’m so excited to introduce the world to So Shifty with their very first official release of their own original material here in the *Wine Touch Clap EP.* Everyone from Sinden to Diplo to Radioclit have been showing support to these dudes for months, and I’m so psyched this release finally came together. Featuring Ward 21’s Kunley, Tifa, Timberlee, and Natalie Storm (aka TNT) on vocal work, each of the three originals has a really unique and yet totally consumable vibe: these songs are forward-thinking yet accessible. The remixes all bang too: Them Jeans’ phenomenal Big Room House remix is absolutely massive while I provided a New Orleans Bounce remix that I think works quite well while French wunderkind Douster and the So Shifty boys round out the release with two more great remixes. Peep snippets of each song in the Youtube video above and then go cop that shit!

The OG “Wine,” and the Them Jeans Remix, are both below for y’all to download, blog, and distribute as you please. The rest of the EP can be purchased with the links below. If you blog the song, please provide links for purchase.

iTunes (only $3.99!)
Turntable Lab

We can’t tell you how much we appreciate y’all supporting our music!

So Shifty “Wine (Original Mix)” (Mediafire 320)

So Shifty “Wine (Them Jeans Remix)” (Mediafire 320)


Glych ft Sissy Nobby “Giddy Up” (Electro Mix)

Official Electro remix of the excellent Sissy Nobby Bounce track “Giddy Up.” PostModern Electro isn’t really my thing (this kind’ve Electro definitely is!), but parts of this song are really dope.

Glych ft Sissy Nobby “Giddy Up” (Electro Mix) (RIGHT CLICK SAVE AS 320 MP3)


Emynd & Electrik Red “WFY (Bounce Remix)”

I just finished a Bounce remix of Electrik Red’s great song “WFY” which I highly recommend you purchase immediately! Peep it in the youtube clip above and download it from if you fucks with it!



The 1st & 15th (Pretty Much) Mix Series is a series of mixes presented by Emynd & Bo Bliz on (or around) the 1st and 15th of every month.

Crossfaded Bacon Presents
1st & 15th (Pretty Much) Mix Series
Volume 21: 08.01.2009: JD


Sorry for the delay but August 1 was my birthday and I been BULLSHITTING something serious. Anyway, for August 1’s First & 15th Mix, I went digging in the vaults for one of my favorite short lil mixes by my man JD. Just half an hour of Bounce and Bounce-related stuff. Super fun stuff. Be back in a week or so with the 15th version of the 1st & 15th Series.

01. Curtis Mayfield blend over Bunny Hop inst.
02. Da Entourage – Bunny Hop (they used to have Bunny Hop contests at Sharpstown mall, haha)
03. Ricky B – Ya’ll Holla
04. BMD feat. Papa Reu and Juvie – Nasty Girl
05. Big Tymers feat. Bun B – Playboy
06. Kane and Abel feat. Mystikal – Shake it Like a Dog
07. Juvenile – Soldia Rag
08. Mystikal – Big Truck Driver
09. DJ Jubilee – Get it Ready (live version)
10. Everlasting Hitman – Bounce Baby Bounce
11. DJ Jimi – Where Dey At?


Crossfaded Bacon is proud to announce the release of Emynd’s newest digital release *THE CLUB CHAMP EP* featuring 6 brand new club crunching tracks. You can cop the release today on Amazon, iTunes, or Juno for them DJ quality jammies (320 MP3s/WAVs). (It should be up on Turntablelab soon as well, but their shit is tripping at the moment).

Tracklisting & Previews:
1. Emynd – The Club Champ

2. Emynd – The Club Champ (Scott Matelic’s “Slam” Remix)

3. Emynd – The Club Champ (Peacachoo’s New Orleans Bounce Remix)

4. Emynd – Okay! What’s Up!

5. Emynd – It’s Hot Down Here

6. Emynd – Hold It Down 2009

Release Info:
The Club Champ EP” is Emynd‘s newest digital-only EP of exclusive Club and Dance anthems that showcase his forward thinking approach of uniquely combining his vast influences, infusing songs with elements of Hip-Hop, House, Baltimore Club, and New Orleans Bounce. On the title track “The Club Champ,” Emynd digs deep into his Hip Hop breakbeat background, producing an energetic Bmore influenced banger that thumps with heavy organs and smashing kick drums. While Scott Matelic‘s remix of the track adds various twists and turns that recontextualize the vibe effortlessly, premier New Orleans producer Peacachoo‘s Bounce remix completely deconstructs the song, transforming it into an entirely new Bounce anthem that’ll rattle the bassbins from the Bayou to Bass Music parties everywhere. Rounding out the release are the tumbling “Triggerman” bells on “Hot Down Here,” the NY House influenced “Okay! What’s Up!” and “Hold It Down 2009” — a track originally featured exclusively on the Do It To It Volume 2 Vinyl release alongside work from heavyweights Nadastrom, Bird Peterson, and Tittsworth. (“Hold it Down 2009” is Emynd’s updated re-working of the classic 2 Bad Mice song “Hold It Down”) Already supported by some of the biggest DJs in the world from Diplo to Sinden to Dave Nada, it’s another sure fire, champion sound release!

Today I’ve upped 320 MP3s for the internets to download of Scott Matelic‘s great remix of the title track, and my “Hold It Down 2009.” Comments and feedback appreciated as always and thanks for the support!

Emynd “Club Champ (Scott Matelic’s “Slam” Remix) (320 MP3)

Emynd “Hold It Down 2009” (320 MP3)


DJ Lil Man “So High”

More essential Bounce jams up on

Get it

Kanye West “Heartless” Bounce Remix

Over on my NOLA Bounce focused blog, I just posted a really dope Bounce remix of “Heartless.”




MMM Yessss we got it the hell in.

Shouts to Tiffany,, Exit Skateshop, Blu Jemz & Lloydski.


Best Remixes of 2008

Homie over at Ants In My Trance was kind enough to list Emynd’s “Mad Again” New Orleans Bounce Remix as his 4th favorite Remix/Edit of the year. Thanks! Go check out the rest of the list and download a bunch of stuff!


Emynd Consolidated Tracks/Remixes/Mixes Etc

In case you missed anything I did from 2008… I updated all the zshare links for all these tracks and mixes as well. Hope you find some of this stuff enjoyable and/or useful.

Emynd Originals & Official Remixes For Free Download

* Emynd ft Young Chris “We Don’t Give A…”

* Emynd “Reach Out”

* Emynd “Knee Deep Theme”

* South Rakkas Crew “Mad Again” (Emynd’s NOLA Bounce Remix)

* South Rakkas Crew “Mad Again” (Emynd’s More On the Floor Remix)

* Flo-Rida “Get Low” (Emynd’s Passion Remix)

* Emynd “Sexual Healing (Second Line Bounce Remix)”

* Fugazi “Long Division” (Emynd’s Disco Edit)

Blends, Breaks, and Beats For Free Download

* Rihanna “Disturbia” (Emynd’s “Finally” Blend)

* T-Pain ft Lil Wayne “I Can’t Believe It” (”Bookshelf” Blend)

* Emynd “Dancing In the Street/Treat Em Right Blend”

* Ding Dong’s “Badman Forward” / Reel 2 Reel’s “Move It” (Emynd Blend)

* Shawty Red “Drifter” vs Elephant Man “Die By Gun” (Emynd Blend)

* Aaliyah “Are You That Somebody” (Emynd’s Lollipop Blend)

* UMD/Sharon S “Wonderful” (Emynd’s “Drop” Party Break)

* Kenny Dixon Jr “I Should’ve Known (Emynd’s Rihanna & Nightcrawlers Party Break)

* The Roots vs Busy Signal (Emynd Blend)

* Elephant Man vs Madonna “4 Minutes” (Emynd Blend)

Emynd Mixes and Mixtapes For Free Download

* Emynd “1st & 15th (Pretty Much) Mix Series: Volume 4: Best of Bmore Club Rap

* Emynd “1st & 15th (Pretty Much) Mix Series: Volume 2: A Bunch of Rap

* Emynd “Bounce It” (New Orleans Bounce Mix)

* Emynd & Bo Bliz “Philly Love” (Philly Rap Mix)

* Emynd “Crossfaded Bacon 2008 Mix” (Bounce, Hip-Hop, House, & Club)

* Emynd & 4AM Jess “Shake Whut Ya Got” (Miami & Atlanta Bass Mix)


I don’t know if I’ve properly shouted out my OTHER blog on this here blog, so let me take this opportunity to hip y’all to, a site dedicated to the Crescent City’s wonderful regional dance music known as “Bounce.” Those familiar with my work know I that several months back did a Bounce remix of the South Rakkas song “Mad Again as well as an all Bounce podcast for our fine friends at Mad Decent. If you don’t know anything about Bounce, that Podcast is an excellent place to start. It’s 60 minutes of some of my favorite Bounce songs with short write ups on each song to help give a bit of context and history to help the unfamiliar appreciate and learn about that ish.

By the same token, I thought it would be a good idea to start a website that helped consolidate as much information as possible available on Bounce online and to help spread the word on some of this great music, so I started and recruited writers from all over the place (New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Houston, Vancouver, Philly, the Bay, etc) to write about it. The blog is still in its beginning stages and some of the older links don’t work because of the GREAT ZSHARE CRASH OF 2008, but there’s still a wealth of information and a bunch of dope tracks for you to download over there. So go get all that ish and help me spread the word!

BTW, while google image searching, I just found out this is available for Digital sale on Amazon. Definitely worth copping!! All these tracks are classics!


5th Ward Weebie ft Lil Wayne “Bend It Ova”

A new track by 5th Ward Weebie featuring Lil Wayne courtesy of Mr. 604 over at our new blog devoted to New Orleans Bounce music. The original was just Weebie, but he got Wayne on it. Obviously Bounce influenced, and really really dope. It’s also pretty fresh to hear Wayne quoting Gotty Boi Chris with his “BEND OVEEEER! BEND OVEEEER!” chant.

5th Ward Weebie feat. Lil’ Wayne “Bend It Ova” (320 kbps):


Classic NOLA Bounce Stuff

(Pic courtesy of All Day Buffet)

Some Classic New Orleans Bounce rips at high quality for y’all, all of which are really useful and bonafied CLASSICS. Don’t sleep on this stuff, dudes.

Ricky B “Shake For Ya Hood” (256):

Kilo “Who Dat Called the Police” (256):

Mia X “Da Payback” (320):

Sporty T “Sporty Talkin’ Sporty ’93” (256):

Da Entourage “Bunny Hop” CD Promo (320):

UNLV “Hike” (192):


Ohio Friday, The Bounce Saturday… Weird Ish and Other News

Emil and I are stoked as a mug to hit Columbus, Ohio this Friday. Gonna kill it with some hip-hop, classics, club, and all types of all shit. I know Dave Nada has crushed that place numerous times and he’s been sending me random texts like, “y’all gonna get those bammas the fuck out of there!” We will Dave, we will.

Of Course Saturday we will be destroying shit at The Bounce back in Philly, should be a banger… Make sure you hit it up before we switch the dates around on you suckas some other shit like that.

Oh yeah… You trying to cop one sneak for five stacks? I know Jed’s not even on that level.

What you know about these McFly’s?

Besides that, we got Silk City locked down Labor Day Sunday with an all-star lineup for a K-Swift benefit. It will be all club and certainly pretty ridiculous also.

Details coming soon.